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Tve5 bf6cker jag tycker att alla vuxna ska le4sa e4r Helena von Zweigbergks bf6cker Ur vlnnakeus mun och Anna och Mats bor inte he4r le4ngre. Oj som dessa bf6cker ve4cker ke4nslor tankar och funderingar i en. Relationer e4r sve5rt och de5liga relationer e4r inte bra ff6r ne5gon. Och barnen de drabbas ockse5. Hur, blir tydligt i dessa bf6cker.Ha en fin fredag
I have an embarrassingly high stack of books bsidee my night table waiting to be read. My reading pace has slowed lately. I am currently reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett and am enjoying it. I loved The History of Love by Nicole Krauss. My daughter is reading The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern and I plan to borrow it when she is finished it.
A few days ago I saw a black fox in the Sobey's parking lot. Actually those black foxes are relaly called silver fox you can google images that and see. Wikipedia also has an article on explaining the genetic anomaly.Still they are an interesting sight.Guy
This coming Sunday, March 11th, we will begin our 4040JC Easter Challenge! Please be prniyag for the challenge, that God would move upon the hearts of everyone we share Christ with, and that many souls would come to know Jesus as their God & Savior! Please also pray for plenty of workers to enter the fields for these 40 days and participate.
Ah, books. Love 'em! Herr are some if nu favourites, tohugh they are not new they are brilliant. Atkinson - Behind the scenes at the museum. Swift -Waterlands. Anderson Darquats - the cure for death by lightning. And then the Indian one that came a while back that I only remember the front page of. Never mind you have probably read ut anyway. All these Nobels reveals dark family secrets that have been hidden for years.
At Applebee's Thursday I left a card for Broadway's times with our waitress. I didn't get the ccanhe to chat with her about Jesus, but hopefully she will come sometime.Ben is an old friend from school who owns a small business. I stopped in and shared the Gospel with him and invited him to Freeway. He used to go to church but hasn't in a while. Pray for him and Brandy.I shared a little with a guy named Ed from a Craigslist ad. Invited him to Broadway and talked about Jesus being God and Savior. Please pray for him and his girlfriend he lives with.
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