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Congrats on the award!I also don't like the expression I/we can't afrfod for the reasons you suggest, and I really think we need to get more people talking about the difference. I find it difficult with some people in my life to explain my choices in a way that allows them understand where I'm coming from (and, in some memorable cases, that things like not necessarily wanting to go out for an expensive dinner or buy pricey impersonal presents is not a personal slight against them). It's not a nice thing, but I find that at least some people I know understand I can't afrfod that a lot more easily than I'm making this particular decision about this because it matters to me and I think really talking about it and getting that idea out there is an important thing.
Grazi for mainkg it nice and EZ.
Yes, I think study group rooms would be useful. I do not cndisoer that I myself would be a user of these rooms, however, I have seen them be effective resources when I was at Capilano. Also, you can use naming priviliges (ei: a donor may have a room named for them) as a fundraising initiative. Can you tell I am a student fundraiser at UBC's Development Office? !
June Mayo - OMG words will never come close to what these photos mean. Rhea is such a bnsesilg to cast upon two wonderful parents like Jo and Clay. These photos are perfect just like this little angel was the day she was born. Outstanding Job for who ever is responsible for this ray of beauty
I second New Chopsticks in Dublin. I'm Chinese American oialinrlgy from New York City, and this is the first place I found that had decent Gong Chow Naw Haw.
, the computers are aging codlrneiabsy. The time lag between someone signing out and the computers being ready to sign another user in is long.The best improvement that could be made would be to make printing at the law library wireless so that a print request could be made from my laptop. I would still be required to use a print card to pay, but it would save time and eliminate the need to email assignments to myself.
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